Exploring Cinque Terre sailing the NEEL 47 Trimaran

We think the best way to test a boat, is to rent it for a week and experience real sailing conditions at the sea.
The NEEL 47 is one of the boat we wanted to try. Here is our adventures of 6 days cruising from Saint-Tropez to Cinque Terre in Italy.

In 1997 Porto Venere and the villages of Cinque Terre were designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We leave Saint-Tropez sailing direction Italy in Alassio for the 1st night.

Then the second night in Porto Venere where we have a great italian breakfast and then sailing direction Cinque Terre.

Visiting the 5 villages including: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare.
Stunning scenery from the sea while flying the drone.

Waking up in Portofino and arriving at night in the bay of Alassio where we put the anchor and have dinner and sleep.

The last day for crossing back to Saint-Tropez with strong wind and high waves. The Neel 47 trimaran offer a very smooth and safe ride while cruising at fast speed.

So far this is the best sailing experience we ever had. We just wish we could have went longer 🙂

What we like about the NEEL 47 Trimaran ?

  • Confort of navigation
  • Great speed in low winds
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Feel safe while cruising in strong sea and winds (+35knots and 2+ meters waves)
  • Great office area for laptops and electronics
  • Love the main deck owner’s cabin
  • Galley with panoramic view in a must
  • Easy access and huge garage and technical areas
  • Beautiful look

What we dislike about the NEEL 47 Trimaran ?

  • Lack of storage
  • No fresh water outside to wash the boat at sea
  • Float suites accessible from outside is not for us
  • Tender 6HP was too small
  • Some of the accessories mounted on this boat was low quality
  • No radar installed on this model
  • Not enough time 🙂

What’s next ?

We are looking forward to test the NEEL 51 that looks more adapted for our project.

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