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PRE PURCHASE MARINE SURVEY - 5 things to expect


Location: Mahurangi Harbour
Latitude: -36.46000000
Longitude: 174.72000000
Published: 16 Sep 2020

Are you about to do your pre purchase yacht inspection? Are you wondering what to expect from a marine survey on your hopefully-soon-to-be first boat?

This video is a quick overview of five main steps of a pre purchase marine survey. Most importantly, you need to choose the right marina. But also, be prepared to wait a lot, to overlook small defects (but also walk away if there are any big-ticket issues), and realise that the negotiating isn't over even if the survey goes well.

Make sure you do your research to find a good surveyor, if you're using one. Remember, they are looking at everything: the hull and any potential blisters or osmosis, the seacocks, the electrical system, the electronics (VHF, chart plotter, depth sounder, etc), the galley equipment (stove, fridge, freezer), dinghy, and the sails. Note that a marine surveyor typically doesn't look too closely at the inboard diesel engine, the outboard engine, or the standing and running rigging, so you may want to hire an extra surveyor for those.

Boat buying is a tough process, so try your best to sit back and enjoy the process. You have little control over the outcome. Once you have a survey that passes, the process moves very fast, and then suddenly, you've purchased your first boat! You realise you should have enjoyed yourself more along the way.

Keep believing that soon you'll find your perfect boat, and you'll be sailing and adventuring around the world, living in different wonderful places!

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