Something has changed for me.
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Owner: Daniella :-)

Something has changed for me.


Location: Waiheke Island
Latitude: -36.80000000
Longitude: 175.10000000
Published: 25 Feb 2023

Something has changed for me. | S03E06 Sailing Pivo

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In this video, my patrons and I meet up at Rocky Bay on the South side of Waiheke Island, New Zealand for our first ever "Sail In". We enjoy some BBQ, hiking, a winery, and craft beer. Along the way... I realise learn something so profound that is still changing my life to this day!

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Hey You!!!!

My name is Daniella, and I am a solo female adventurer, YouTube coach, travel expert, Creator of the Renegade Vlogging Academy (coming soon!), and craft beer lover!

My mission is to help you live life to the fullest, discover your higher purpose, and build a sustainable income that allows you to adventure and serve others. Each week, one episode will air showing you my latest adventure, recent self-discovery, or sharing expert advice and analysis on how to effectively grow your YouTube business.

We all deserve to live the best versions of our life! Let's get out there and adventure!
Daniella :-)


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