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TINY HOUSE LIVING: Weird Fights Couples Have


Location: Gulf Harbour Marina
Latitude: -36.62000000
Longitude: 174.79000000
Published: 14 Feb 2021

Ever wonder if living on a sailboat full time is tough on relationships? Wonder if you can live in a small space with your partner? How do sailing couples fight differently from tiny home or RV life couples? This video is about the different relationship issues that couples face in different situations such as tiny homes, living in a van or on a boat.

Living fulltime on a boat or living fulltime in an RV can be tough, and this video outlines some of the common fights you can expect when living in a small space.

You can see the video talking through how we made this collaboration here:

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Chasing Currents:

Expedition Drenched

For The Road Travels - Simone & Geovanny
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Living a Stout Life
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SV Juliet Sailing

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Shake - Anno Domini Beats
King Porter Stomp - Joel Cummins
Circle Dance - SefChol
Easy Shake - Geographer
Billy in the Lowground - Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum
Revenge Body Beat - Nana Kwabena
Oh my - Patrick Patrikios
Lifelong - Anno Domini Beats

2:19 - "Using Too Much Water" by Chasing Currents
3:47 "The Head-Pump Wars" by SV Juliet Sailing
4:28 "Losing Things overboard" by Chasing Currents
5:34 "Slamming Curtains" by Living a Stout Life
6:13 "Where'd You Put That Thingamajig??" by SV Juliet Sailing
7:30 "Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Space" by Chasing Currents
9:18 "You're Always in My Way!" by SV Juliet Sailing
10:10 "Privacy on a Big Boat" by Expedition Drenched
12:16 "Getting that Perfect Photo" by For The Road Travels
12:57 "Who Creates what Content?" by Living a Stout Life
13:26 "Which Gear Do We Bring?" by For The Road Travels
14:28 "Who Walks The Dog?" by Sailing Pivo
15:23 "Different Sleep Schedules" by Living a Stout Life
15:55 "Getting Lost" by For The Road Travels

Come join my wife and I as we learn to sail and have new sailor experiences on our new Whiting 40. We are a brand new sailing couple, and have fallen in love with the sport. Many sailing lessons have been learned so far as we learn how to become sailors. Our first mate, Pivo, keeps us out of trouble and is also learning along the way.

We are starting our voyage in New Zealand where we have been living for the last 4 years. But we are going zero to cruising because we're from the mountains of Colorado and have zero experience! Our first sail was with the sailing school, Great Escape, up in Opua, New Zealand (home the 2021 America's Cup). We hope our lessons from a beginner sailor will help you also as we set out on a multi-year sailing adventure around the world.

We hope to become a fulltime sailing / cruising family soon, as we love the sailing lifestyle so much! We love traveling, meeting new people, and seeing the world. We hope you come along for the adventure!
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To our friends in Ukraine, Присоединяйтесь к нам в нашем морском приключении! #парусник

Fair winds & calm seas,
Danielle, Conor, & Pivo
SV Satori

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