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Location: North Shore
Latitude: -36.80000000
Longitude: 174.77000000
Published: 20 May 2022

Topics covered:

- We sold the boat!
- Will we move back to the States?
- Time to buy a house!
- Transitioning this channel
- Headed to Fiji on a Farr 56 leaving around next Wednesday
- Two more potential deliveries
- Headed home to the States
- Hired my first editor…working out the kinks


Conor and I were complete newbies to sailing, but we quit our jobs and started sailing "Satori", our 1990 Whiting 40 keelboat, around the coast of New Zealand.

Six months into our journey, Conor was diagnosed with a massive 8cm meningioma brain tumor. For 8 months, we experienced challenge after challenge as an infection developed which killed Conor's skull, New Zealand went into lockdown which postponed Conor's surgery to replace the dead skull bone, and our boat got stuck in a marina several hours away for 5 months, causing half of our belongings to be destroyed by mold. Due to Conor now having a fake skull and being 6'", the boat is now a massive hazard with not enough headroom, and we were forced to sell the boat.

We have no idea what is in store for us in 2022, but it's gotta be a better year than 2021. Thanks for following our journey!!!!

Fair winds & calm seas,
Danielle, Conor, & Pivo
SV Satori


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