An alarming diversion! | A sud [...]
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An alarming diversion! | A sudden alarm whilst sailing north Spain causes an unexpected stop! (#12)


Location: Galicia
Latitude: 42.58000000
Longitude: -8.13000000
Published: 28 Jan 2022

After sailing our 40ft sailboat from France to Spain across The Bay of Biscay we catch our breath in Gijon, Spain before moving on along the Spanish North coast. We suffer an unexpected alarm on the boat that causes us to divert to an unplanned port. The alarm turned out to be caused by the batteries overcharging causing the carbon monoxide alarms to trigger so we had to disable one of our main batteries and continue with less.

Before we left we explored the tiny port of Cudillero, a small, picturesque fishing port which sits on the side of a mountain. Outstanding are its hanging houses with eaves and brightly-coloured windows perched on a horseshoe of steep cliffs around the port.

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The hotel that filmed the storm and were very helpful with information. We've not stayed there but they seem super helpful: