Cape Fear! | Sailing into the [...]
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Cape Fear! | Sailing into the acceleration zone on the Atlantic coast under full main sail! (#18)


Location: Cape St. Vincent
Latitude: 37.03000000
Longitude: -8.98000000
Published: 22 Apr 2022

In this episode we sail on from Sines at dawn on the Atlantic coast of Portugal towards the Algarve and round the acceleration zone at Cape St Vincent (Cabo de sao Vicente) in 30kts of wind under full main sail. Join us to find out why we now affectionately call it Cape Fear!!

Whilst the forecast was identical to the previous day when we’d experienced some awesome sailing the conditions turned out very differently! The day began however with flat seas, a gentle swell and light winds which then became much bigger swell with not enough wind to push us through the swell resulting in a horribly rolly passage and our sails only full enough to give a little stability. As the day went on the anticipated winds finally showed up just as we reached the Cape and we found ourselves rounding it under full main sail and 30kts of wind! The Cape is now affectionately known as Cape Fear!

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