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Greece is burning around us! | Trying to beat upwind with our visa clock ticking! #41


Location: Lefkada
Latitude: 38.71000000
Longitude: 20.64000000
Published: 10 Mar 2023

Having transited the Corinth Canal on our sailboat for the second time we struggle to beat our way upwind along the Gulf of Corinth towards the Ionian Sea once more. We have two weeks left on our visas in which to exit the Schengen zone and are feeling the pressure! Frustrated after going practically nowhere, we take advantage of a lull in the wind overnight to motor out and return to the island of Kastos where we meet up with an ex!

After a rest, and now able to slow down a little, we continue north towards Lefkas and find ourselves in the midst of a drama as wildfires burn alongside us and helicopters scoop water from beside the boat as they battle to control the flames!

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