Sailing between two continents [...]
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Sailing between two continents! The straits of Gibraltar | What’s chasing that swordfish? #21


Location: Gibraltar
Latitude: 36.14000000
Longitude: -5.35000000
Published: 3 Jun 2022

Join us sailing through the straits of Gibraltar! In this video as sail past Barbate, through what’s been nicknamed by sailors “Orca Alley” due to interactions between killer whales and sailboats where boats have had their rudders bitten disabling their yachts. Join us from Cadiz to Gibraltar as we aim to complete the most risky part of our journey to reach the rock of Gibraltar!

We get up before dawn to be able to complete the passage in daylight ours and sail nervously past a customs boat as we have already stamped out of Portugal and are “in transit”. We deal with an issue with the main sail, pass the site of the Battle of Trafalgar, and then are initially thrilled to see a swordfish jumping out of the water before quickly remembering a friend telling us if they’re jumping they’re probably being chased by an Orca!!

Thankfully nothing further happens and we sail between two the continents of Africa and Europe, through the straits of Gibraltar, and enjoy lovely downwind sailing and make it safely into Gibraltar just after sunset.

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