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Sailing the Greek Islands - Loving living aboard our boat in Lakka in the Ionian Sea #30


Location: Lakka
Latitude: 39.23000000
Longitude: 20.14000000
Published: 7 Oct 2022

Sailing to Greece for some Greek island sailing!

After realising our dream to sail to Lakka in Greece it’s time to have some fun! We hire small fast boats and go exploring the caves and bays of Paxos by boat, we have the best pain au chocolat for breakfast, try (and fail) to relax in our new floating chairs and go exploring on foot. Kate passes her dinghy driving test so she can fly solo!!

Join us as we take you on a whistle stop tour of Lakka and some of the beautiful parts of Paxos only accessible by boat! As our sailboat is our home we also deal with some boat jobs including walking on the bottom of the sea using our dive gear to scrub our hull, fitting our boom tent, and taking care of some day to day chores.

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