Sailing to Gibraltar, gateway [...]
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Sailing to Gibraltar, gateway to the Med | Exploring caves, climbing the Rock, monkeys and more! #22


Location: Gibraltar
Latitude: 36.14000000
Longitude: -5.35000000
Published: 17 Jun 2022

In this video, having sailed our yacht through Orca Alley to arrive in at the rock of Gibraltar, we begin to explore this non Schengen and fascinating piece of Britain at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

We had intended on staying in Gibraltar for a week but weather and waiting for boat parts meant we stayed for a month so during that time we explored all that The Rock had to offer….Monkeys, huge Caves filled with stalagmites and stalactites, tunnels, canons, stupendous walks up the Rock, cable cars, glass walkways over sheer edges and more history than you can shake a soggy stick at!

The rock of Gibraltar, by virtue of it’s position, is a hugely strategically important place and there are more than 25 miles of tunnels inside the rock. The first tunnels date back to the 1700s during The Great Siege when Spain and England were in conflict over the sovereignty of the Rock and were expanded in WW2. Whilst you can only visit a tiny part of the huge tunnel network it’s enough to make you realise what a Swiss cheese of rock it is!

If you ever get the chance to go to Gibraltar you definitely should!

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