4 Guys 1 Dog and lots of Teak [...]
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Owner: Gaurav Shinde Racing

4 Guys 1 Dog and lots of Teak deck removal on a Baba 35


Location: Port Credit Yacht Club
Latitude: 43.56000000
Longitude: -79.56000000
Published: 16 Mar 2021

This is a video from the archives as the teak was being removed. The teak on the Baba 35 is held down really well by caulking and epoxy and it is hard to remove. It took weeks of laborious work to remove most of it. The fittings on the deck had rusted fasteners that made it difficult to remove them cleanly.

I need to repair the deck to get the boat ready for the Golden Globe Race. Need a great watertight deck in the southern ocean.

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Video by: Yegnesh Kalyanakrishnan https://www.yegnesh.com/