The Bowsprit has a lot of figh [...]
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Owner: Gaurav Shinde Racing

The Bowsprit has a lot of fight | Teak Deck Repair Part 2 | Baba 35 | Golden Globe Race Refit


Location: Port Credit Yacht Club
Latitude: 43.56000000
Longitude: -79.56000000
Published: 31 Mar 2021

The next in the series of repairing the deck on my Baba 35 in the refit for my Golden Globe Race challenge in 2022. The bowsprit has an indomitable spirit like most of Good Hope and we had a tough time getting it out. Then we dug into the core of the boat to repair that. I hope you enjoy these videos.

We will add more time to the videos as we get good at them and have more content to share.

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Video by: Yegnesh Kalyanakrishnan