~ OCTOBER POTTER (part 2) ~ A [...]
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Owner: John Jordan

~ OCTOBER POTTER (part 2) ~ A North Sea Sailing Adventure in a Force 9 Storm


Location: Isle of Wight
Latitude: 50.69000000
Longitude: -1.30000000
Published: 28 Jul 2022

Part two of a "fairly eventful" cruise in a 14' 0" West Wight Potter from the Isle of Wight to Kloster Fjord, Sweden October 12th to November 17th, 1965.

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Stanley T. Smith, October Potter, West Wight Marine Ltd., (published in 1967).

Robin Somes, October Potter (republished, 2020), https://smiths.robinsomes.co.uk/

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About a quarter of an hour later Stan was very close to the first of the breakers. They looked absolutely terrible, and he was appalled. He stood up for one last look round then, about half-a-mile to the North, to his amazement and delight he saw a small ship with a very business-like look about her.

Stan thought it was a lifeboat, although he knew for certain it could not have come so soon in answer to his signals. In any case it was coming from the wrong direction. There is no harbour for
many miles to the North of Hvide Sande. This little ship bore down towards him, so he put out a long line from forward (Ulstron, which floats !) so that she could hook it up and hope to tow him clear of the breakers.

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