~ OCTOBER POTTER (part 3) ~ A [...]
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Owner: John Jordan

~ OCTOBER POTTER (part 3) ~ A North Sea Sailing Adventure in a Force 9 Storm


Location: Isle of Wight
Latitude: 50.69000000
Longitude: -1.30000000
Published: 5 Aug 2022

The final part of a "fairly eventful" cruise in a 14' 0" West Wight Potter from the Isle of Wight to Kloster Fjord, Sweden October 12th to November 17th, 1965.

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Robin Somes, October Potter (republished, 2020), https://smiths.robinsomes.co.uk/

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It now being mid-November, the weather had deteriorated to such an extent as to make the crossing a significant test of endurance. With the strong headwinds, below freezing temperatures and frequent snow storms, crossing the Kattegat was going to be a challenge, even for the hardiest of seafarers.

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