Solo circumnavigation of the M [...]
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Owner: John Jordan

Solo circumnavigation of the Monterey Bay (part 2)


Location: Monterey
Latitude: 36.60000000
Longitude: -121.89000000
Published: 23 Dec 2021

Coastal cruising without the slip fees.

Monterey is located in Monterey county on the southern edge of the Monterey bay founded in 1770 it functioned as the capital of Alta California under both Spain and Mexico the city of Monterey is named after a similarly named municipality in the galicia region of spain the bay's name was given by sebastian vizcano in 1602 who anchored in what is now the monterey harbour until the 1950s there was an abundant fishing industry present here
much of the marina is now given over to pleasure craft some radical carbon fiber works here sea lions and barefoot boaters beware a quick trip into town for some milk.

The coastline is exposed to the full force of the prevailing northwesterly winds that blow for much of the year these winds regularly reach 20 to 25 knots with gusts in excess of 30 knots this combined with the full fetch of the ocean results in sizable wind waves being superimposed on even larger ocean swells coming down from the northern latitudes
as a result things can get a bit lumpy but we have no such challenges today

This red buoy is the monterey bay lighted bell buoy number four at night it shows a flashing red light the light sequence is a single flash every four seconds.

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