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24 Hours in Nice: The Most Beautiful City, Nude Beach & French Town 🇫🇷


Location: Nice
Latitude: 43.71000000
Longitude: 7.26000000
Published: 16 Jun 2024

Nice, France, Top Things To Do in Nice, French Riviera. Our Ultimate Travel Guide, with a nude beach. Join us as we take you inside Nice and a hidden town called Eze. We explore the bustling streets of Nice, the stunning lookout views, and the famous pebbled beaches. We'll share our tips and hidden gems as we explore Eze, high in the the French Riviera mountains!

Things To Do In Nice:
💶 Sunset Boat Tour: https://gyg.me/MQ5vucZQ
💶 Snorkeling & Caves Boat Tour: https://gyg.me/nrD4cdA0
💶 Eze & Monaco Half-Day Trip: https://gyg.me/k0zDVDoY
💶 Guided Walking Tour with Tastings: https://gyg.me/ZGAD4lWz
💶 Round-Trip to Saint Tropez by Boat: https://gyg.me/Mf2ZvcHY
💶 Round-Trip to Monaco Ferry: https://gyg.me/XHL7YkAZ
💶 Fun Pub/Bar Crawl: https://gyg.me/hf1aTePh
💶 2-Hour Scenic Drive by 3-Wheeler: https://gyg.me/opjrgHUz

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🇫🇷 Episodes from the French Riviera:
MONACO: https://youtu.be/mfkoSs5k7xE?si=dSTvxi4oPSCOBfuy
MENTON: https://youtu.be/Fb6BMJdbkYk?si=xS4eWV2wD06e7Acx
PARIS: https://youtu.be/12Ey20Algog?si=KO86wM_9yyocDPCR

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0:00 Things to do in Nice, France
1:04 French Riviera
2:10 Nice City, France, Promenade des Anglais
3:14 Nice Beach, France
4:20 Old Town Nice, France
6:14 Best viewpoint in Nice, Castle Hill (Colline du Château)
7:08 Eze, French Riviera
8:44 Eze Bar Restaurant, French Riviera
11:26 Eze Trail
12:31 Sailing Nice, French Riviera

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