Alone on ABANDONED Island = Nu [...]
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Owner: Kristina's Travels

Alone on ABANDONED Island = Nudie runs + Cook-up 🔥🏝️ Ep 48


Location: Whitsunday Islands
Latitude: 0.00000000
Longitude: 0.00000000
Published: 25 Nov 2022

Nudie runs on a deserted beach while cooking potatoes and feeling grateful for saving hard throughout our 20's, which allowed us to buy our beautiful boat, our floating home! Oh.. and we also search for A-list star George Clooney while sailing around the Whitsundays.

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0:00 Welcome onboard our boat, Tucana!
0:38 Palm Bay, Long Island, Whitsundays
1:23 'George Clooney' filming 'Ticket to Paradise' in Australia
2:02 Abandoned South Molle, Whitsundays
3:52 Strong tides in Australia
6:26 How we saved to buy a boat
7:35 Shaw Island, Lindeman Islands
8:31 Nudie runs & cook-up!

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John and Kristina purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set sail from Melbourne and travelled up the East Coast to the Great Barrier Reef as part of their Australian Sailing Series with dreams of one day sailing the world.

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