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BOAT LIFE: 10 Days Sailing the Greek Islands + Q&A ⛵️🏝


Location: Greece
Latitude: 39.07000000
Longitude: 21.82000000
Published: 5 Aug 2022

On this episode, we share our backstory to buying a boat & our exciting future plans. We also give you our REAL & honest opinion about navigating and exploring the Greece Islands by boat, as we sail from Kea to Athens.

0:00 Our backstory to buying a boat
3:30 Sailing to Kea, Greece
4:15 Med mooring at Kea, Greece
7:01 Sailing Athens (morning sail)
11:15 Everything you need to know about Sailing in Greece
11:58 Chartering a yacht in Greece
12:12 The Cost of Docking In Greece
12:38 Sailing the Greek Islands
13:10 Anchoring in Greece
14:04 Chartering a boat with Navigare Yachting
15:46 Navigare Yachting Discount Promo Code
16:06 'Cascade' Beneteau Sense 51

Use the PROMO CODE: "TUCANA" to get $200 off your next booking with Navigare Yachting. This was our yacht 'CASCADE':

This was our FIRST TIME EVER sailing a boat ourselves overseas and we were nervous, excited and geared up to take you to the most INCREDIBLE islands, the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. Watch our full Greece series from the beginning here:

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