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BOAT LIFE: A Day Onboard Our Floating Home 💦⛵️ Ep 31


Location: Dunk Island
Latitude: -17.94000000
Longitude: 146.15000000
Published: 11 Jun 2022

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SAILING LIFESTYLE: We sail our yacht Tucana within the Great Barrier Reef to a tropical haven ‘Dunk Island’ in North Queensland, Australia. John re-calls an interesting story from his aviation past, while Kristina reveals the ‘provisioning woes’ she wasn’t expecting before buying a boat. Oh yes, and then somehow.. the pair end up at an International Airport...

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0:00 Sailing Lifestyle: Waking up on Tucana
1:20 Question Time #1
2:12 Sailing from Hinchinbrook to Dunk Island
6:43 Arriving to Dunk Island
8:18 Question Time #2
12:10 Fixing a Squeaky Helm
13:20 Preparing to sail to Cairns via Mourilyan Harbour

Videos made by Kristina, starring captain John 🤓

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Sick of covid lockdowns in Melbourne Australia, John and Kristina purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set sail in June 2021 and sailed north to the Great Barrier Reef in just 4 weeks.

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