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COD HOLE: Diving Australia's Coral Reef Paradise 🏝 Ep. 43


Location: Great Barrier Reef
Latitude: -18.29000000
Longitude: 147.70000000
Published: 2 Oct 2022

We sail our boat into the remote waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the famous dive site, Cod Hole on Ribbon Reef 10, to swim with SHARKS! We're absolutely petrified to begin with, but quickly learn to appreciate the true beauty of this underwater city thriving with sea life.

0:00 Sailing to Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef
2:42 Cod Hole, Lizard Island
6:00 Living Onboard A Boat
7:55 The East Australian Current (EAC)
8:44 Contiental Shelf Australia
9:53 Sailing to Walker Reef, Great Barrier Reef

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