THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! 24 hours [...]
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THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! 24 hours at sea Ep 13


Location: Gold Coast
Latitude: -28.02000000
Longitude: 153.40000000
Published: 3 Oct 2021

BOAT LIFE and NIGHT SAIL: 24 hours at sea as we set sail from Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast in Australia. Jump on board as we escape New South Wales days before a covid outbreak shuts down the state.

0:00 Preview
0:33 Intro
0:55 Departing Coffs Harbour
2:21 First time fishing
3:55 Steering cable update
4:34 Night sailing
6:00 Gold Coast
6:44 Southport Seaway
8:24 Gold Coast Broadwater
10:00 Boat Works
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