Bull Wrestling! The Preferred [...]
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Owner: Pacific Solo

Bull Wrestling! The Preferred Sport on this Remote Island.


Location: Japan
Latitude: 36.20000000
Longitude: 138.25000000
Published: 19 Dec 2023

In this video, we'll tell the story of my eventful voyage to Okinawa, including tsunami warnings, exploding life vests, and meeting a Champion Bull on an island known for a unique sport involving a large pet.

It starts with saying goodbye to Amami and all my dear friends in Uken Inle including Mitsu, Matt, and the Mayor, and embarking on an adventurous journey to Okinawa alongside the seasoned Wahine Crew, Tony and Nikolai from Tokyo. Our anticipated stopovers included a visit to witness the unique bull wrestling on Tokunoshima Island, which I found fascinating as these bulls are treated akin to cherished family pets, well-fed, strolling along beaches, and even consoled after a match loss.

During our nighttime passage toward Okinawa, an unexpected earthquake in the Philippines triggered a Tsunami Alert. Adding to the commotion, Tony's inflatable life vest surprisingly inflated with a loud POP around 1 am. Despite these events, we safely arrived in Okinawa, a few hours ahead of an impending storm.