Sailing the Kerama Islands! A [...]
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Owner: Pacific Solo

Sailing the Kerama Islands! A dream come true!


Location: Zamami Island
Latitude: 26.23000000
Longitude: 127.31000000
Published: 21 Jun 2024

It was rainy season, but my three weeks moored on Zamami Island were special. It was a combination of cruising and a writing retreat.

While there, I received thrilling news: my latest book has been shortlisted for Business Book of the Year in the UK! This recognition is a tremendous encouragement and couldn't have come at a better time.

Before leaving Yonabaru, I had the privilege of witnessing Mr. Minoru, likely a marine engineer, launch his ingeniously adapted dinghy. You can explore his innovative work at It was also great having my son with me for a few days.

During my stay, I was warmly welcomed by the wonderful team at In the next episode, I’ll share more about them and the magic of Zamami, along with footage of the annual Ginowan to Zamami Yacht Race. With 56 boats competing, I have a front-row seat for the exhilarating finish line action. Stay tuned!

The drone shot is thanks to @SailingRamona

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