SDA37 Shades of Blue
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SDA37 Shades of Blue


Location: Stocking Island
Latitude: 23.53000000
Longitude: -75.76000000
Published: 14 May 2022

Georgetown is a major cruiser hub at the bottom of the Exumas. Stop at beautiful Emerald Bay Marina along the way. Everyone hits the famous Chat n Chill beach bar, but while you're there grab a conch salad from Ronaldo just down the beach. He puts on a great show while he makes it for you, and you can feed the stingrays right there.
The best feature about Georgetown is hardly ever discussed. One of the most beautiful ocean beaches anywhere. There are so many shades of blue between the sea and sky that the camera simply cannot do it justice.

David Copperfield's Rudder Cut Cay has some pretty cool stuff to check out. Caves, shallows full of life, with the chillest turtles and The Musician. David Copperfield commissioned this grand piano with an attentive mermaid, to drop in an undisclosed location for his guests to enjoy. The location has long since been disclosed and this beautiful structure is well worth a visit. Take a deep breath!

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