A New Adventure Part III The [...]
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A New Adventure Part III The End of the Beginning


Location: Newton Cove Resort
Latitude: 49.87000000
Longitude: -126.94000000
Published: 20 Dec 2021

As the sailing season for the west coast of Canada comes to a close, the Sailing Infidels, finish it off with the final leg of the beginning of our circumnavigation of Vancouver Island. In this episode we make a triple hop from Quatsino Sound to Esperanza Inlet, where we will decommission Cosmic Debris and spend the winter caretaking a fantastic, floating lodge.
We hope you'll watch for more videos over the winter as we will be jumping back in time to bring you all up to date on how and why we left Haida Gwaii and ended up here.
Merry Christmas to you all, we appreciate every view and every subscriber. Thanks so much and cheers.
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