Puttin' the Me in Mendocino
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Owner: Sailing Infidels

Puttin' the Me in Mendocino


Location: Pacific Ocean
Latitude: 39.31000000
Longitude: -123.84000000
Published: 14 Apr 2023

It’s kind of funny – Sailors, rightly, make a big deal about Cape Mendocino , and while we certainly never saw the full force of neither wind nor waves from the Cape, it was significant. The funny thing is that I had heard comparatively little about Point Conception, which led us to think that once we were past Mendocino, we were golden. Definitely not so!
California sun? What's that? Too far offshore, I guess. Good thing for the Yamaha 2200 generator. No Honda 2000i's were harmed during the making of this video.

Join us for the single biggest trip of our lives. We are Wendi (First Mate) and Ron (Captain of sorts).

Our Castle, a boat; The ocean, our moat;
Our dreams and ambitions keep us afloat
We're Sinners of the Seas, Sailing for the Craic
Sailing for the Tiki Bar and won't be comin' back

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