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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

How Solo Sailing Affects Me | Ep. 19 | Reflections on a Week Alone in Alaska


Location: Petersburg
Latitude: 56.81000000
Longitude: -132.96000000
Published: 24 Dec 2022

In this one, I complete my solo journey from Juneau to Petersburg, Alaska.

I leave behind Windham Bay were I waited out a gale that never ended up coming. As I enter the strait, I am greeted by good sailing on choppy seas. For a change, the wind angle arches in my favour and brings me into Cleveland Passage anchorage at the intersection of Stephan Passage and Fredrick Sound faster than I expect, and just as I set the anchor, the sun comes out after a four day absence.

The night is peaceful, allowing me to depart the next morning well rested and refreshed. Gentle but nice sailing continues to Read Island about 15 mile away. There, I go fishing, but instead of hooking onto a halibut as I was hoping to, I snag a huge skate, which was coincidentally of the species "Big Skate!"

I am escorted out of the anchorage by a humpback whale that surprise me when surfacing not 40 ft from Sea Dream of Clyde. Squally wet weather returns, but keeps me sailing the whole way to Petersburg. A surprising amount of ice coming from the LeConte Glacier was floating near Petersburg, so I had to keep a keen lookout.

This episode wraps up with my reflections on how this little solo leg of the trip impacted me. Sailing solo gave me time to contemplate the direction of my life, and what I want my future to look like. It was a beautiful experience that I will cherish forever; while the sailing and scenery was wonderful, my biggest takeaway from this experience was the clarity it gave me surrounding my life, and the important quiet times of introspection it afforded me.

Thanks to Taryn who briefly appears in this episode (by video call!) and @WaywardLifeSailing for lending me the sweet action camera that has helped improve the video quality of the episodes since leaving Juneau.

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