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Sailing The Inside Passage to Alaska | Ep. 2 | Night Sailing and Tidal Rapids


Location: British Columbia
Latitude: 53.73000000
Longitude: -127.65000000
Published: 15 Jun 2022

In this episode, we continue north from Jedediah Island to Comox, Campbell River, and into Discovery Passage.

This one has lots going on as we continue north to Alaska! On the fly sail repairs, goofing around in brutally light winds, prawn fishers rick-rolls us, night sailing, tacking through a tidal rapids, and a visit from the famous Snow Birds Squadron doing wild aerobatics around us, plus a fighter jet buzzing by us!

After leaving Jedediah Island, we decide to sail through the night, but just as it gets dark, strong winds send us running for safe harbour in Comox. The Salish Sea is hesitant to let us leave, as dead air turns too strong squalls, and current against us makes for another late night. We finally make it to Campbell River, then tack straight through the tidal rapids that is the wild Seymour Narrows. Discovery Passage delivers strong winds on the noise, but we work hard to make it up to Johnstone Strait.

If you missed Episode 1, you can find it here:

I am posting this from Juneau, Alaska, and have lots more adventures to share soon!

Thanks for watching!