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Solo Sailing to Finish The Inside Passage | Ep. 32 | Raging Into The Night


Location: Nanaimo
Latitude: 49.17000000
Longitude: -123.94000000
Published: 10 May 2023

This is it! The final installment of my series on Sailing The Inside Passage to Alaska!

In this one, having just dropped Alex off, I head off solo from Hornby Island to finish up the trip. Warm weather and awesome (though close-hauled) sailing greet me as I head into the Strait of Georgia and south to Nanaimo. With the great breeze carrying on, and having not seen a single log all day, I continue sailing into the sunset and darkness of the late summer night. I reflect on how this incredible trip healed me, and changed both my path and outlook of the future. After several hours of glorious sailing with bioluminescence literally lighting up my head sail, the wind dies off as I approach a convenient anchorage. I get some rest, then have a fantastic sail to finish off the last 10 miles of this 1800 mile trip!

Thanks so very much to all the of you that have followed along on these videos, and kept encouraging me with your comments and kind words. My hope is that this series can serve to inspire people to get out sailing in this incredible part of the world, and that it can be useful as a planning tool for those getting ready to sail The Inside Passage themselves. I have had so much help and mentorship from other sailors throughout the years, and I am so happy to return the favor to other new sailors by passing along information and inspiration; if anyone has questions about sailing The Inside Passage that I might be able to help answer, never hesitate to reach out either in the comment section of these videos, or on my Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde Instagram and Facebook channels linked below.

Lots of big things are coming up, so stay tuned for new videos, which will bring us back to near real-time! New videos coming up will include a trip from Victoria BC to Port Angeles WA to ride bikes with skis attached up 5600 ft to Hurricane Ridge to go ski, a ruckus sail to the San Juan Islands, some maintenance videos, and a "how to" type video in which I give tips and strategies on how to keep your boat dry and comfortable while living aboard in a cold climate.

Bye for now!

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