Ep. 88 Gibraltar Bay waiting f [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Cordelia

Ep. 88 Gibraltar Bay waiting for a WEATHER WINDOW | SV Cordelia


Location: Gibraltar
Latitude: 36.14000000
Longitude: -5.35000000
Published: 16 Dec 2022

We're in La Linea and #Gibraltar Bay waiting for a #weatherwindow to cross to the Canaries. Whilst we are there we are told that we need to get a Rabies Antibody blood test done for Gus. This meant finding a vet that understood what we needed. Eventually we decided to check in to Gibraltar and take him to a British vet.
We wait nearly 2 weeks before we can start our Canaries crossing and whilst we wait we find the most gorgeous beach for Gus and a beautiful river that leads to a shopping area.
We finish a few jobs on the boat and prepare ourselves for 6 days off-shore.
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