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Owner: Sailing SV Cordelia

Ep. 92 Off Grid Power Generation & Emergency Sail Repair | SV Cordelia


Location: Gran Canaria
Latitude: 27.92000000
Longitude: -15.55000000
Published: 10 Feb 2023

To help improve our self sufficient living we complete the install of the wind and sea powered Duogen generator so that we can live off-grid efficiently. The Duogen can produce power using wind or water.

We hire a car so that we can explore the inner hills and mountains and find such beauty we wonder why we have never visited Gran Canaria before.

Whilst we have the car we take our gas bottles to be filled and do our final large food shop in readiness for our 2nd leg of our Atlantic Crossing down to Cape Verde.

Our last job before we leave is an emergency repair to the headsail UV strip that has been damaged by a spreader. That done, we are ready to leave.

We say a final farewell and sail out on the big pond again heading south.

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