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Dreamtime Sail's Container House Project Walk Through Tour


Location: Brisbane
Latitude: -27.47000000
Longitude: 153.03000000
Published: 21 Jun 2021

This video is a bit different for our Australian Sailing Channel. In it you will be taken on a tour of the 40 Foot container house we have just completed while we have been back south out of the tropical cyclone belt. Our plan was for this to be our land base on one of the Bay Islands between cruising seasons but unfortunately Rob's cancer surgery and treatment has made us decide not to go ahead with that project at this time so our Dreamtime Box is going to be sold. It was a great build to do and Karen really enjoyed the design side of maximising the use of space. After living on a 42 foot floating home for years, she's quite good at it. Who knows we may do another box for ourselves sometime in the future but for now - it's got to go. The furnished container is priced at $65k. Buyer responsible for transport from Ipswich, Qld. Message us through our https://www.facebook.com/DreamtimeSail page if you'd like any information.. (UPDATE - WE HAD AN ENORMOUS RESPONSE TO OUR CONTAINER HOME AND ACCEPTED A DEPOSIT SOON AFTER THIS VIDEO WAS POSTED, WE HAD A NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON A WAIT LIST IF THE PURCHASER WITHDREW. THE SALE HAS NOW BEEN COMPLETED WITH FULL PAYMENT RECEIVED. Thank you for your interest)

You can look forward to our regular sailing episodes resuming on Friday July 2 as we maintain our every second Friday schedule. Cheers.

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