About us


We are a family of 3, Lithuanian and French couple currently living in Dubai UAE with our daughter born in 2020, with the dream of circumnavigating the globe with a catamaran sailing boat. In 2018 until we decided to focus on our project sailing TELLUS (Latin word meaning “Earth”).

We had the chance to visit and live in many beautiful countries with our previous jobs, that made us realize how fast the world is changing and how fast the life is going and there is no “later” than “now” for the project we have in mind. In early 2019 we took a one-week sailing courses that opened our eyes of new ways of travelling and changed our life style.

In June 2020, we decided to sell everything we own, house, car and lot of stuff that we do not need anymore so that we can buy a sailboat and go for an undetermined voyage around the globe.

We bought a catamaran Lagoon 450s delivered in France in July 2021.

We have been sailing from La Rochelle to Gibraltar, then exploring the Mediteraneean in 2022 Spain, France, Italy, Greece. In November 2022 we arrived in Canaries Island then sailed to Cape Verde. On 19 December 2022 we set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Verde to Martinique in the Caribbean. After 13 days and 4 hours. We have reached Martinique and currently sailing in the Caribbean islands. We have sailed over 10000 NM so far with our catamaran Tellus.

We decided to create this Sailing-Tellus website with the aim to build a community around sailing videos content creator.

We invite you to share with us our adventures of learning, exploring and making our project come to life. Through our videos we hope to inspire to explore, seek alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness.

Follow us on instagram @sailingtellus or watch our videos on Sailing Tellus Youtube channel or join the Sailing Tellus Telegram Group.

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