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Finding Waves Kitesurfing in Qatar | Kitesurfing Around a Deserted Island up North Qatar


Location: Al Ruwais
Latitude: 26.13000000
Longitude: 51.20000000
Published: 14 Feb 2020

In this video I am kitesurfing to find waves and swell. While doing that I kitesurf a full circle around a deserted island in the north of Qatar. Will I find any waves? Or at least some kickers to play with? Are there any waves in Qatar? The forecast was great for kitesurfing, with winds blowing about 25 knots and gusts up to 30 knots expected. The kitesurf spot I am at is in Shamal. It is near the town of Ruwais. Kitesurfing here is beautiful although not many people come here for it, maybe because it's quite far away, all the way in north Qatar.

As far as Qatar kitesurf spots go, the spot here in Shamal is beautiful but it does come with some risk, there are quite strong tidal currents. Luckily it is very shallow almost everywhere, meaning you can walk to safety should something happen. The actual waves are found a bit further out to sea, be careful kitesurfing here and always have a backup plan! But hopefully this shows you that kitesurfing shamal is really worth it!!

Watch this video to see if there is any swell in Qatar and if you want to be kitesurfing in waves in Qatar yourself!! Feel free to contact me to talk more about finding waves in Qatar!

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Expect to come to the channel more information about Qatar, and things like Kitesurfing, Paragliding and Paramotoring, Drone videography and in the future hopefully even a live aboard sailboat!

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