FLY over Sealine Beach - Param [...]
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FLY over Sealine Beach - Paramotor Qatar


Location: Sealine Beach, A Murwab Resort
Latitude: 24.86000000
Longitude: 51.51000000
Published: 24 Jan 2020

Watch to see how you can Fly a Paramotor over Sealine Beach and the Desert of Qatar.

Now the Skymasters Sports Club has opened, anyone can go and fly over Sealine Beach and enjoy the amazing views of the beach and the desert of Qatar from the air!

You can choose to go for a single paramotor flight or choose to do full training so you can fly by yourself in Qatar.

Ultimate Freggle has been paragliding for 8 years and recently got into paramotoring as well. Now the Sports Club at Sealine Beach has opened, we can all fly a paramotor on a daily basis!

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