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How To Light Up Your Bestway Pool or Intex Pool With Waterproof Pool Lights


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Published: 31 Jul 2020

If you want to Light Up Your Bestway Pool or Intex Pool with Waterproof Pool Lights, this video is for you! I'll show the full unboxing, installing, and use of the lights, along with info on where you can get them!
The submersible LED lights create an awesome effect in your Bestway or Intex Pool, give you a colourful lights show while you are swimming!
The Waterproof Lights are mounted with a magnetic backing plate, so they are very easy and fast to install. The submersible LED lights also come with a remote full of different lighting options. See how easy the pool lights installation is!

Many thanks to ASEC FMS for providing these pool lights for me to try out and review them!

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Intex Filter Pump that fits Bestway pools too (I use it):
Intex Maintenance Kit to easily Clean the Pool Floor:

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