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Location: Galápagos Islands
Latitude: -0.95000000
Longitude: -90.97000000
Published: 22 Dec 2022

Diving Galapagos in Search of Hammerheads and Whale Sharks! Are We TOO LATE? Harbors Unknown Ep. 84
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We are chasing after the untamed, the undiscovered, the undisturbed.
And it seems that we are a step behind human colonization of raw nature.
The last frontier, the depth of the ocean, the vast waters of the pacific, the far islands of the Galapagos, Wolf and Darwin, that is where we’re headed.
We are sailing on the Humboldt diving vessel with an eclectic group of underwater explorers, instructors, commercial divers, repeat offenders in these remote waters. Some of them have been here before, they travelled from different parts of the world all looking for the same thing, the approaching shadow of the whale sharks, the sun blocking shiver of hammerheads, the icy eyes of Galapagos sharks.

We are all seeking the ancestral connection with a world that once was.
But are we too late? There is a fleet of nearly 300 Chinese fishing vessels surrounding the natural park and its protected waters, a swarm of highly sophisticated fish extraction machines constantly following the migratory patterns of giant squids, the primary source of food for the hammerheads, but also harvesting other species which have been overfished and completely depleted in Chinese national waters. Watch now to see what we discover in these far flung waters.

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00:00-01:12 Why are we diving the Galapagos?
01:13-04:27 Checkout Dive
04:28-10:03 Diving Wolf Island
10:04-15:02 First day diving Darwin Island
15:03--18:30 Best Dive of the Trip
18:31-23:21 Final dive at Darwin Island