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One of the BEST Recipes to Cook on a Boat - Homemade Pasta with Rabe | Harbors Unknown Ep. 19


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Published: 19 Feb 2021

One of the BEST Recipes to Cook on a Boat - Homemade Pasta with Rabe | Harbors Unknown Ep. 19

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Why is fresh, homemade pasta one of the best recipes to cook on a boat? All you need is flour, olive oil, salt and water to make it! So if you’re off shore or out in the islands you can still make pasta and have something delicious to eat.

This week Fabio is showing us how to make a traditional southern Italian specialty, fresh orecchiette with cima di rapa (broccoli rabe). In theory it’s very simple to make, but there is definitely a technique used to roll the dough into a tube and form the orecchiette. Fabio is a master but I (Kristin) still have some practicing to do!

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If you're new here, Harbors Unknown is the story of two dreamers, Kristin and Fabio Potenti, and our French Bulldog dog Yoda. We sold our home at the beginning of the pandemic (May 27th, 2020) and moved aboard our Seawind 1600 catamaran, Wanderlust, in September. We plan to sail her to Harbors Unknown, and explore the world’s vast cultures through food, a common thread amongst people everywhere. Connecting with people and places through the local cuisine, and showing how those dishes can be cooked on a boat with limited space and resources. Naturally, we also share the adventures of boat life and how it’s possible to live an alternative lifestyle that provides freedom and fulfillment. Until we officially begin our world voyage, we’re exploring the beautiful waters of South Florida and the Florida Keys. Subscribe now to join our sailing adventure.

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01:37-05:57 Making the Pasta Dough
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08:16-14:11Making the Orecchiette
14:12-17:53 Finalizing the Pasta
17:54-20:35 Eating + Real Time Update