Meteroa: Famous Greek City in [...]
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Meteroa: Famous Greek City in the Sky! (Top Athens Day Trip!)


Location: Meteora
Latitude: 39.72000000
Longitude: 21.63000000
Published: 9 Jun 2023

METEORA GREECE TRAVEL GUIDE: THIS IS ONE OF THE OLDEST PLACES ON EARTH! It's called Meteora.. where 6 monasteries are built in the sky! While waiting for our yacht to sell back in Australia, John and I decided to go for a road trip through Greece. Today, we're hiking to the top of Meteora, a 4-hour drive from Athens, soaring 1,800ft high.

0:00 Meteora Greece Travel Guide
0:47 Driving to Meteora from Athens
1:23 The Best Hike in Greece
3:28 Meteora History
4:58 Meteora Monastery Tips
8:41 Best Day Trip from Athens: Meteora (at sunset)
9:18 Delphi Ruins (Archaeological sites in Greece)
10:20 Road Trip through Delphi

📍 FREE GOOGLE MAP WITH PINS:,22.6018389,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!11m1!2sY7foqInMF3Sq03oYt_v_BVa0Sdpa_g?entry=ttu

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