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Owner: MJ Sailing

How Does Our Kit Catamaran Compare to Production Boats? (MJ Sailing - Ep 283)


Location: Annapolis
Latitude: 38.98000000
Longitude: -76.49000000
Published: 6 May 2023

Take these tours with us and see what we'd take a pass on and what we wish we could incorporate, as we tour the catamarans on display at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show.

Last weekend we attended the 2023 Annapolis Spring Boat Show, and once again, tried to get aboard as many catamarans as possible to get ideas from them. The first time we did this was in October 2022, only 7 months into the build, and we were completely overwhelmed with all that still had to be done.

Now we're much closer to having to make decisions on items we're going with, so we can either purchase and install them, or design around them.

Unfortunately the boats presenting at the spring show were not built in the same way as ours (foam cored fiberglass), so they were able to get away with a lot more wood, veneers, and vinyl than we are. But we can still pay attention to lights, blinds, color schemes and more.