PRIME DAY!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 2 [...]
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PRIME DAY!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 273)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 25 Feb 2023

We completely transform the look of our bridge deck by spraying on a high build primer.

We've been working very hard this new year to fair all our surfaces and get them ready for primer. Last week we were *so close* but still needed to touch up a lot of our edges.

Now after the last bits of fairing compound have gone on, Matt takes our router to give those sharp points a nice rounded edge of 3/8".

And then... we're ready to prime!! We cover the transverse seats and backs of the settee, the bulkheads leading down the steps to the master hull, and the outboard galley section.

It started a little rough, but the finished product is beautiful, and has us so excited to get the rest of the areas to this point!

We hope you enjoy!
Much love,
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

Total Boat Epoxy Primer:

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 - Routing the edges of our furniture
02:44 - All the areas that still need work
05:03* - 100k celebration toast with Tucker
06:31 - Routing an angled edge
08:21 - It's PRIME DAY
11:07* - Prepping the 2 part Epoxy Primer
14:20* - Now things are going smoothly
16:23 - Final Looks

Afternoon Tea - Autohacker
All the Answers - Peerless
Heaven in New Orleans - Roy Williams
Hip Hop Healing - Osoku
Lost In The Woods (Forevermore) - Zorro
Sunday Coffee - Rebecca Mardal
Trippy - The Devil's Sway
Unsubmarine - Guustavv
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) - The Mondays

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