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We Have a Roof....AND Hatches!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 254)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 15 Oct 2022

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we still have one week of boat work to show. In the last episode we managed to get the three pieces of our cabin top up on deck, with the help of Tucker and his dad's backhoe. With a few extra hands we move the heavy center piece into place, and you can really get a feel for the inside space.

Then Matt begins to beef up that area, by adding structural beams to the opening of our cockpit, and we make the area pretty by adding gelcoat covers.

Taking a Sunday off boat work to enjoy ourselves, we hop on Tucker's trawler and do a sea trial across the Chesapeake Bay, enjoying quick bourbon toast before heading back.

Lastly, and maybe the most exciting, is cutting the openings in the front section of our cabin sides to place our Vetus flush hatches in! The new amount of light it lets in is great...but once again, we get to work with our favorite task of unidirectional roping to go back and strengthen the area.

We hope you enjoy!

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 - Last Week We Moved Our Cabin Tops In
00:23 – Intro
00:52 – The Center Cabin Top Is In Place
01:54 – We Beefed Up the Cockpit Bulkheads
04:10 – Adding Fancy Gelcoat Covers
07:34 - Become a Lord or Lady Today
09:25 - Sea Trials on Trashy Tucker's Trawler
14:40 - We Get In Our Vetus Flush Hatches
17:04 - Measuring & Cutting For Our Forward Hatches
19:51 - Reinforcing the Openings
21:07 - An Explanation of Our Flush Hatches
22:08 - Closing

A Gentle Invitation - Dawn Dawn Dawn
Got It Goin' - Chris Coral
If I Wrote You A Song - Melanie Bell
Same Thang - Iso Indies
Second Chance - Guustavv
Sherm Stick - Jharee
Sunglasses - Timothy Infinite
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) - The Mondays

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