Brooke Got Attacked by a Lobst [...]
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Owner: Sailing One Life

Brooke Got Attacked by a Lobster! - Sailing Barbuda - Episode 25


Location: Barbuda
Latitude: 17.63000000
Longitude: -61.77000000
Published: 5 Apr 2021

There is A LOT going on in this episode. We sail to the northern tip of Barbuda to enjoy a little peace and quiet. On a calm day we explore the mangroves and one of the largest frigate bird sanctuaries in the world before heading into town to grab some groceries. After a couple days in Barbuda, we discover some problems with a bulkhead and de-stress on the most beautiful pink sand beach. And then.....Brooke sticks her finger some place it doesn't belong.

We really loved Barbuda and made some great memories here. So happy we can share them with you!

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