HMNZS Canterbury Wreck Diving [...]
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Owner: Sailing Rattler - Diving KissCCR - Sam McD

HMNZS Canterbury Wreck Diving - 01 Deck Penetration


Location: Deep Water Cove
Latitude: -35.19000000
Longitude: 174.30000000
Published: 10 Apr 2018

A Wreck Penetration dive on the HMNZS Canterbury with Northland Dive. An Ex NZ Navy Leander Class Frigate sunk in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand in 2007.

This dive is one recommended by the book "The Canterbury Wreck - A Divers Guide by Steve Davis", which takes us through the upper deck of the ship - 01 Deck.

We had a little break down in communication at around the 6 minute mark which shows how a conversation about hand signals before a dive is a good idea (we were meant to go right, not left).

Thanks to Northland dive for the trip and New Zealand Sea Adventures for the Wreck training.

The book with this dive plan and much much more can be found here: