Bikini contest fail
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Owner: Sailing CAVU

Bikini contest fail


Location: Galveston Island
Latitude: 29.24000000
Longitude: -94.91000000
Published: 21 Jun 2022

Patricia and Dave take Cavu to Offatts Bayou to celebrate their anniversary and participate in a charity vintage bathing suit competition benefiting the Historic Society.

Patricia has wears a 1966 vintage paper dress to the cocktail party. Paper dresses were a trend for a few years in the mid 60's. Designed to be worn once or twice and then discarded, truly a different mind set then today.

Her vintage bathing suit is a 1959 Jantzen that was designed and made in Hawaii. It features an International Jantzen tag because Hawaii wasn't a state until August of 1959.

They test the newly installed Mantus Marine M2 anchor when an un-forecasted storm surprises them. On the return Cavu gets a new home.