Retevis RM21 Review
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Retevis RM21 Review


Location: Kemah
Latitude: 29.54000000
Longitude: -95.02000000
Published: 14 Feb 2023

Retevis sent us their new RM-21 floating VHS to review, We will be giving this radio away to a viewer.
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To purchase a Retevis RM-21 click the link here:

Whether it's engine noise on a boat, roaring wind or a cresting wave; the portable marine band radio effectively removes background noise and transmits the other party’s voices clearly; ideal for noisy situations such as jet skis; sailing races and surf kayaks
AI intelligent Noise-Cancelling for crystal clear conversations;Retevis RM21 as a fixed-mount marine radio can recognize human voice and noise through digital signal processing technology;and reduces the noise to about 20 dB
IP67 waterproof level;Floating; Fallen Overboard Detection; if the radio falls into the water; when the detection button and the charging contact are in the water at the same time; the back of the radio will emit a red light to indicate
Backlit LCD display; there are 0-7 screen background colour options; you can freely choose the appropriate background color according to the light intensity or the use environment for easier reading and use
HI/MI/LO Switch and Dual-Band Watch; this radio provides the ability to customize your conversations when there are days you spend on the water further from shore; select between HI; MI or LO for long-range; medium-range and short-range communication
10 NOAA weather channels;helps you get the latest weather and a alarm of severe weather; always help be prepared for the unexpected
Long standby time;rechargeable marine radio comes with a high-capacity 1800mAh Lithium-ion battery; 10 hours of continuous use and up to 60 hours of standby time in battery saving mode

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