SDA32 Shallow Anchoring, Bitte [...]
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SDA32 Shallow Anchoring, Bitter Guanas, Coral Heads and DJI Mavic Mini II drone flying practice


Location: Great Guana Cay
Latitude: 26.67000000
Longitude: -77.11000000
Published: 9 Apr 2022

At Jacks Bay on Great Guana Cay we struggle with anchoring on what looks like a sandy bottom, but it's actually sand over rock, until we get way close to the beautiful beach. Exploring takes us to South Gaulin Cay, beside Bitter Guana Cay, where we encounter some very friendly iguanas.
We take 'Imp' to a nearby set of shallow coral heads to dive on them and see what nature has to offer under the sea. Rounded off with another test flight for 'Halo', our DJI Mavic Mini II, we've barely touched the marvels of Great Guana Cay.

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