SDA64 Decals and an Unwelcome [...]
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Owner: Sailing Dark Angel

SDA64 Decals and an Unwelcome Visitor in the Georgia Swamp


Location: St. Augustine
Latitude: 29.90000000
Longitude: -81.31000000
Published: 30 Nov 2022

In this episode of Sailing Dark Angel we install new cockpit and bow decals, and add the missing halo to our name on the stern. Then we cast off to cruise up the coast toward Savannah, Georgia. A hitchhiker boards in the middle of the night by climbing into the bean bag chairs we use to block access to our cockpit from the sugar scoop, and Lisa carries it all the way to the bow before she discovers the little freeloader!
If you know what kind of slitherer we acquired, please let us know in the comments below. We are curious as to whether or not it was poisonous.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Cockpit Decal
02:03 Halo Decal
03:55 Bow Decals
07:58 Cast Off from the Mooring Ball
09:00 Offshore with a bit of Weather
09:44 Offshore Cruising
10:17 Unwelcome Stowaway / Georgia Swamp
12:25 Sailing?
14:12 Anchored in Georgia / Wrap Up

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