SDA71 Tight Spaces and Volvo E [...]
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SDA71 Tight Spaces and Volvo Engines


Location: Annapolis
Latitude: 38.98000000
Longitude: -76.49000000
Published: 19 Jan 2023

In this episode of Sailing Dark Angel, Dockmaster Keith helps us trade slips with Seawind 1260 'Butters' in a very tight slip. Keith's instructions and help make it much easier than we anticipated.
Afterward it's time to service our Volvo MD2030 29hp, 3cylinder diesel engines... except the oil change. We don't have a container for the used oil
Ordering parts for old engines can be dicey. The belts and the oil filters are different sizes from what we had before, but they just might be an improvement!

00:00 Intro/This episode
00:27 Moving Seawind 1260 'Butters' out of a tight slip
02:55 'Butters' rounds the bend
04:01'Dark Angel' 180 degree spin off the dock into the slip
07:33 Volvo MD2030 diesel engine maintenance service
08:35 alternator belt issue
09:04 sea strainer service
10:07 remove and replace impeller
11:29 remove and replace belt
13:29 remove and replace Racor filter
15:35 remove and replace fuel water filter
16:57 fuel primer pump
17:58 start the engine/leak test

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